Mirabella Anno Dominai. The British  lilac color cat
Tamerlan Nastalgie. The British  lilac color cat

Welcome to Maks British Cats

My name is ALLA I am the owner of nursery MAKSBRITISHCATS. The nursery is registered in TICA. The nursery is engaged in cultivation of thoroughbred British cats. Ours purpose - fastening pedigree characteristic - modern type powerful skeleton short wool the counterbalanced character, etc. In my nursery there is a manufacturer an imported cat pride of nursery and also a pledge of cleanliness of nursery as cats of nursery match only the cat. My British tender and quiet are easy in care, brought up and friendly, easily get on with other pets besides very well get on with children.

All kittens were born from my British cat which was taken out from Austria BRITISHKINGS FEDOR. OUR ANIMALS DO NOT BEING HELD IN CELLS OR CAGES OR OPEN-AIR CAGES!

Delivery is possible. All transport charges are carried by the buyer. We very seriously concern to health of the pupils therefore all animals pass scheduled vaccination and survey of the veterinary. Animals of nursery are on a regular basis and successfully exposed on show and receive titles and prizes.

We hope that our web site will be for you pleasant and interesting. You can always write to us the letter or call. We are always glad to see you in my nursery.

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